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Caballero, Rosario. 2009. Cutting across the senses: Imagery in winespeak and audiovisual promotion In Forceville, Charles and Eduardo Urios-Aparisi. Multimodal Metaphor (Applications of Cognitive Linguistics 11). Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter . pp. 73–94. 22 pp. URL
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Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter


Caballero's chapter is part of an ongoing research project which is partly based on an impressive corpus of 12,000 wine tasting notes in professional journals, and here takes into account Spanish and French wine advertisements as well. Clearly, since taste and smell -wines' most important characteristics - cannot be directly represented, their verbal and visual descriptions must rely on synaesthesia and metaphor. An important issue in the chapter is the difficulty of the "translation" of these hardly theorized modes of taste and smell into a shared "vocabulary" of pictures and words. Another pertinent issue is the role of the cultural background governing both the choice of source domain in purely verbal metaphors describing wines and the choice of visuals in the advertisements. (Charles Forceville and Eduardo Urios-Aparisi)