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Camerani, Andrea. 2000. Donald Davidson e Eva Feder Kittay. Significato, uso e contesto nella spiegazione del fenomeno metaforico (Donald Davidson and Eva Feder Kittay. Meaning, use, and context in the explanation of metaphorical phenomena). Saratov University Journal 35 (1, Mar.) : 3–32. 30 pp.
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Eva Feder Kittay's 'Metaphor. Its Cognitive Force and Linguistic Structure' (1987) contains a heavy critique of Donald Davidson's (1978) essay "What Metaphors Mean." In her book, Kittay suggests that Davidson does not adequately explain certain aspects of metaphor and language, e.g., can meaning be conceived of as context-free? If it can, one can begin to reconsider language, in general, and concepts like meaning, use, and context, in particular. This article discusses Kittay's interpretation of Davidson's essay, helping to clarify some aspects of Davidson's point of view about figurative language and language in general, crediting him with a certain importance in the contemporary discussion on metaphor, and identifying some weaknesses in Davidson's perspective on metaphor. (LLBA 2001, Vol. 35, n. 2)