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Cameron, Lynne J. and Graham Low. 1999. Researching and Applying Metaphor (Cambridge Applied Linguistics Series). Cambridge , UK: Cambridge University Press . 295 pp.
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Book – monograph
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Research into metaphor has become one of the fastest-growing and important areas of language research over the past twenty years, and metaphor is now recognised as central to language and language use. The implications of these findings are only just beginning to be felt in applied linguistics and this book is designed to convey the excitement of metaphor study to a wider applied linguistic audience of researchers, trainers, programme developers and postgraduate students. The authors of the 12 papers are all internationally active researchers, contributing from their various backgrounds to this lively collection. Researching & Applying Metaphor presents a series of case studies plus an innovative initial section which discusses key aspects of researching metaphor in use. This book demonstrates how metaphor can be, and needs to be, researched using multiple methods of investigation. (Publisher Book Description) I. Key issues in metaphor research 1. Lynne Cameron Operationalising 'metaphor' for applied linguistic research 2. Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. Researching metaphor 3. Graham Low Validating metaphor research projects II. From theory to data 4. James Edwin Mahon 5. Gerard Steen 6. Lynne Cameron Identifying and describing metaphor in spoken discourse data III. Analysing metaphor in naturally occurring data 7. David Block Who framed SLA research? Problem framing and metaphoric accounts of the SLA research process 8. Martin Cortazzi and Lixian Jin 9. Alice Deignan Corpus-based research into metaphor IV. Analysing metaphor in elicited data 10. Richard Gwyn "Captain of my own ship": Metaphor and the discourse of chronic illness 11. Graham Low "This paper thinks...": Investigating the acceptability of the metaphor AN ESSAY IS A PERSON 12. Zazie Todd and David D. Clarke When is a dead rainbow not like a dead rainbow? A context-sensitive method for investigating differences between metaphor and simile References Index

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