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Canolla, Clemira. 2000. As metáforas da produção: reflexões sobre o discurso de operárias. Papers on Language and Literature 16 (1) : 55–82. 28 pp.
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This paper investigates the discourse of a group of workers talking about their company's newsletter and focuses on the metaphors they produce to express the conflicts arising out of the relationship between the situation at work and the way it is presented within the organization. The study was grounded on theories that deal with metaphor as a conceptual phenomenon (Lakoff, G. and Johnson, M., 1980) and with language from a pragmatic point of view (Mey, J. L., 1987). The data was analyzed from a qualitative perspective. Our aim is to look at the metaphors the workers use and to verify how these metaphors express their relationship to their work situation. (LLBA 2000, vol. 34, n. 5)