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Semino, Elena. 2011. The adaptation of metaphors across genres. Review of Cognitive Linguistics 9 (1) : 130–152. 23 pp.
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Amsterdam: John Benjamins


In 1965, the journal 'Science' published a groundbreaking article dealing with the mechanisms involved in the experience of pain. The theory presented therein was labeled "The Gate Control Theory of Pain" and, according to Semino, it built on the so-called 'GATE' metaphor. Departing from this article, the goal of this paper is to examine the ways in which this specific metaphor has been re-shaped and developed in 'educational' texts such as self-help guides, neuroscience websites, among others. Throughout the paper, the author also points out several advantages but also the downsides of such developments. In general, the role that metaphor plays in context and, more particularly, its use across different genres is the main focus of attention of the present paper.