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Cerf, Vinton and Mark Stefik. 1997. Internet Dreams: Archetypes, Myths, and Metaphors. Cambridge, Mass: The MIT Press. 440 pp.


The "information superhighway" is a metaphor oft used to describe the internet, used so often that Stefik fears we're in danger of subjecting the evolution of the net to the limiting implications of this metaphor. Stefik, along with a host of prescient techno thinkers and doers, examine four richer, more powerful metaphors and their Jungian archetypes that together should expand anyone's thinking about the cyber world... And those metaphors are: digital library (The Keeper of Knowledge), electronic mail (Communicator), electronic marketplace (Trader), and digital world (Adventurer). The summoning of the archetypes in service of Stefik's argument is less silicon psychobabble than it is a compelling way to organize this book around the very real ways in which the net is being used. (Publisher Book Description)