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Chang, Teng-Wen. 2007. Interacting play-design as a metaphor for developing interactive games. International Conference of Greek Linguistics 4553 : 190–197. 8 pp.
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Interactive game, especially for users can be physically involved in the game, is one of important applications for gaming nowadays. With the most up-to-date mediated devices, experience design has inspired lots of researches to explore possible or better innovative interactivity between human and machines. With physical interaction and rapid prototyping, a new computing paradigm combining both sensor/electronic/robotic technology and digital design media starts to show its root in both design and computing, namely ubiquitous computing and ambient intelligence. In addition to this paradigm, we adapt the interactivity of design and the design methods for studying situated interactive design. Furthermore, this paper documents a series of interacting plays for exploring possible interactions. Three attempts have conducted: Smart Toys, Spatial Components and Ambient Interaction under the realm of computational design and digital media. The outcomes of exploration are documented in the paper. (Teng-Wen Chang)