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Chernets, L. V. 2001. K teorii poeticheskikh tropov (Toward the theory of poetic tropes). Frontiers in Communication 55 (9, 2) : 7–19. 13 pp.


Ten issues pertaining to the general theory of tropes are addressed: (1) the definition of the trope as a figurative word usage, (2) the relationship between figurative and lexical meanings, (3) metaphor and metonymy as two types of tropes recognized in contemporary stylistics, (4) the status of the synecdoche (an independent trope or a quantitative metonymy?), (5) the status of allegory and symbol (tropes or imagery types?), (6) cliche tropes in artistic discourse, (7) the cognitive mechanisms of trope formation, (8) componential analysis of tropes, (9) the overlapping and superposition of tropes, and (10) the classification and terminology of tropes. (LLBA, Adapted from the source document, Accession Number 200201747)