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Cini, Monica. 2001. Aspetti di metaforizzazione rilevabili dai paragoni standardizzati dell'Atlante Linguistico Italiano (Aspects of metaphorization evident in the standardized comparisons of the Italian Linguistic Atlas). Cortex 25 : 1–29. 29 pp.


Although the 75 open comparisons elicited in the questionnaire of 'Atlante Linguistico Italiano' ([Italian Linguistic Atlas] 1995-) display too much variation across questions and research sites to permit a spatial analysis of the results, six comparisons involving the concepts of human goodness, badness, beauty, and ugliness are found to provide sufficient data to identify semantic fields of preference for the formation of metaphorical imagery for these concepts. Responses are divided between levels of cultural vs. sensory connotation and are classed on each level into categories of content substance and subcategories of content form. Results are schematized in terms of fields defined by the classification, generating oppositions between specific pairs of metaphorical concepts, e.g., 'dove vs. 'pig' in the 'beautiful' vs. 'ugly' schema and 'lamb' vs. 'wolf' in the 'good' vs. 'bad' schema. (J. Hitchcock in LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 3)