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Cook, Leslie N. M. 2004. Arming adolescents with poetry. Baltimore, Md.. 67 pp.
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Ph.D dissertation
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The writer conducted a study involving a group of standard tenth grade students attending the same targeted school. First, students were exposed to techniques commonly used in poetry. In groups, students analyzed poems for their meaning and identified how figurative language techniques were used. Once students felt confident with these types of activities, the writer introduced ten of her original poems. Students were asked to complete a ten question survey on each one. Last, students were given several written poetry assignments in which they were asked to create their own poetry according to clearly defined rules and structural concepts. Students were also asked to find a poem that they liked and imitate it in order to uncover their own personal self-identity issues. Students found new and exciting ways to approach reading and writing as a result of their participation in the study. They became more confident in deciphering parts of familiar words and the meaning of new words. Students also learned to organize their thoughts and express themselves through a written art form using figurative language, ultimately engaging higher-level cognitive skills. Student responses to the writer's poetry allowed her to get firsthand reaction to her poetry as a tool for educating, entertaining and improving the skills of academically disadvantaged students. (Dissertation Abstracts)