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Coulson, Seana and Todd Oakley. 2005. Conceptual Blending Theory . Special issue of Journal of Pragmatics 37 (10) : 1507–1741 235 pp.


1. Coulson, Seana and Oakley, Todd: Introduction • EDITORIAL 1507-1509 2. Coulson, Seana and Oakley, Todd: Blending and coded meaning: Literal and figurative meaning in cognitive semantics 1510-1536 3. Sinha, Chris: Blending out of the background: Play, props and staging in the material world 1537-1554 4. Hutchins, Edwin: Material anchors for conceptual blends 1555-1577 5. Brandt, Per Aage: Mental spaces and cognitive semantics: A critical comment 1578-1594 6. Grady, Joseph: Primary metaphors as inputs to conceptual integration 595-1614 7. Bache, Carl: Constraining conceptual integration theory: Levels of blending and disintegration 1615-1635 8. Harder, Peter: Blending and polarization: Cognition under pressure 1636-1652 9. Hougaard, Anders: Conceptual disintegration and blending in interactional sequences: A discussion of new phenomena, processes vs. products, and methodology 1653-1685 10. Rohrer, Tim: Mimesis, artistic inspiration and the blends we live by 1686-1716 11. Núñez, Rafael E.: Creating mathematical infinities: Metaphor, blending, and the beauty of transfinite cardinals 1717-1741