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Ox, Jack and Judith van der Elst. 2011. How metaphor functions as a vehicle of thought: Creativity as a necessity for knowledge building and communication. Journal of Visual Art Practice 10 (1) : 83–102. 20 pp.
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This article, written within the framework of Conceptual Metaphor Theory, questions several common assumptions regarding knowledge building and dissemination, including scientific knowledge. It also argues that creativity is an essential component. The context for evaluation is based on a collaboration and ongoing dialogue between the authors of this article in their work. Van der Elst and Ox have approached the subject of creativity and knowledge from different angles. The first part of the article describes the theoretical position emerging from these discussions. In the second part, Ox uses this thought structure to evaluate the creative process and knowledge transfer from one medium to another. The focus of the article is on a six-year-long production (1990-1996), Jack Ox's visualization of Kurt Schwitters' 'Ursonate' (Ox 1993; Hossmann and Ox 1998). Ox's current work in the Virtual Color Organ™ is also briefly introduced as it relates to the move into a scale-less world of virtual reality and 3D sense experience.