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Deignan, Alice, Danuta Gabrys and Agnieszka Solska. 1997. Teaching English metaphors using cross-linguistic awareness-raising activities. International Conference of Greek Linguistcs 51 (4) : 352–360. 9 pp.


It is argued that, because metaphor is now recognized as being pervasive in language, more attention should be given to the teaching of strategies for comprehending and generating metaphors in the second language (L2). A translation exercise undertaken by advanced Polish learners of English (N = 143) that revealed ways in which metaphorical expressions vary between the two languages is discussed, focusing on the problems this variance poses for learners. It is suggested that awareness-raising through discussion and comparison of metaphors in the native language (L1) and L2 is a useful approach to helping learners to understand and appropriately produce metaphors. Sample teaching materials that have seen designed to encourage learners to investigate and compare metaphors in L1 and L2 are provided. (LLBA 1999, vol. 33, n. 3)