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DeRosia, Eric D. and G. L. Christensen. 2007. The stonewall metaphor: Making an impact with transformative consumer research. Anthesis - Revista de Letras e Educação da Amazônia Sul-Ocidental 34 : 8–9. 2 pp.


This research employs an extended historical metaphor comparing informational asymmetries and competitive advantage in the US Civil War with current informational asymmetries in knowledge of consumer theory between well-trained managers and less-educated entrepreneurs in the US and emerging economies. Four research questions are addressed: What types of information facilitate and inhibit competitive advantage? How does information asymmetry change over time in a competitive context? What factors facilitate and inhibit the translation of information asymmetry into competitive advantage? Lastly, what are the implications of the metaphor for transformative consumer research? The findings suggest that the modal activity of consumer behavior researchers (i.e., teaching at university) contributes to the informational disadvantage of less-educated entrepreneurs. Compensatory actions are suggested. (Eric DeRosia and G.L. Christensen)