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Díaz Vera, Javier E. 2000. Remembering in Old English: The diachronic reconstruction of a verbal dimension. Linguistics and Philosophy 22 (1) : 11–29. 19 pp.
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In this paper, I will propose a diachronic reconstruction of the internal structure of the lexical dimension of REMEMBERING from Indoeuropean to New English. Through the etymological analysis of the group of Old English verbs expressing REMEMBERING, I will argue that these verbal predicates are the result of different processes of metaphorical extension from three main lexical fields: POSSESSION, TACTILE PERCEPTION AND MOVEMENT. The determination of the most relevant connections between these three fields (based on semantic, syntactic and cultural grounds) constitutes the basis for the progressive reconstruction of the dynamic lexical architecture of OE. (Javier E. Díaz Vera)