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Díaz Vera, Javier E. 2007. "Metaphors we learnt by": Cultural traditions and metaphorical patterns in the Old English vocabulary of "knowledge". American Journal of Philology 55 : 99–106. 8 pp.
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The paper shows a diachronic approach to the development, form and function of a number of metaphors which contain verbs of perception, found in Old English language, in its literature, in its society and in its iconography. The Mind-as-Body metaphor has been taken as a starting point to reconstruct some of the basic connections between the earliest words describing concrete objects and actions, and the latest meanings referring to abstract concepts, such as knowledge and understanding. Apart from the semantic evolution of the English language, it has to be taken into account the intimate relation with French after the Norman Conquest, which allowed the introduction of a wide variety of metaphors of knowledge and feeling which are unknown to other Germanic languages. (Begoña Casasnovas Gil, Ruiz de Mendoza Group)