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Kertész, András, Csilla Rákosi and Péter Csatár. 2012. Data, problems, heuristics and results in cognitive metaphor research. Language Sciences 34 (6) : 715–727. 13 pp.
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This paper deals with the problem of the unity and diversity of cognitive theories of metaphor. It outlines a metascientific model based on Eckardt’s notion of research framework and discusses the relationship among three theories of metaphor. The paper starts from the assumption that cognitive metaphor research is characterized by the diversity of rival theories. It therefore tackles the problem of how the unity and diversity of cognitive theories of metaphor can be accounted for. The first part of the paper delineates a suitable metascientific approach emerging as a modification of von Eckardt’s notion of research framework. The second part discusses some aspects of the complicated relationship between Lakoff and Johnson’s, Glucksberg’s, and Gentner’s theories. The primary results of this discussion are that the data, the problems, and the hypotheses which have been partly shaped by the theorists contribute to the development of the specific theories.