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Dogruoz, Seza. 2009. Innovative constructions in Dutch Turkish: An assessment of on-going contact-induced change. Moara 12 (1) : 41–63. 23 pp. URL
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Turkish as spoken in the Netherlands (NL-Turkish) sounds 'different' (unconventional) to Turkish speakers in Turkey (TR-Turkish). We claim that this is due to structural contact-induced change that is, however, located within specific lexically complex units copied from Dutch. We have investigated structural change in NL-Turkish through analyses of spoken corpora collected from the bilingual Turkish community in the Netherlands and from a monolingual community in Turkey. The analyses revealed that at the current stage of contact, NL-Turkish is not copying Dutch syntax as such, but rather translates lexically complex individual units into Turkish. Less frequently, contact-induced changes are the result of other mechanisms. Contra expectations, the TR-Turkish data also contained unconventional units, though they differed in type from and were less frequent than those in NL-Turkish. This study is an attempt to describe and classify these lexically complex unconventional units in both NL and TR-Turkish. (Seza Dogruoz)