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Enger, Hans-Olav. 2002. Stundom er ein sigar berre ein sigar: problem i studiet av leksikalsk genus. Paginauno 2 : 135–151. 17 pp.
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Commentary on Tront Trosterud's "Genus i norsk er regelstyrt" ([Gender in Norwegian is Rule-Governed] 'Norsk Lingvistisk Tidsskrift', 19, 29-59) supports and supplements Trosterud's notion of rule-governed lexical gender assignment for the great majority of Norwegian although not for all of them, while disagreeing strongly with Trosterud's contention that one of the metaphoric rules of gender assignment is based on visual resemblance to male vs. female sex organs. Counterexamples are analyzed to show that if any such visually based metaphoric process to be posited, it would involve overall body shape, which is perceived far more often than genitalia and has gender-assignment parallels in other languages, eg, Russian. Additional evidence is adduced in support of Trosterud's claims that sex-neutral words denoting persons are masculine in Norwegian and words denoting materials and substances are neuter. (LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 4)