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Gold, Rinat, Miriam Faust and Elisheva Ben-Artzi. 2012. Metaphors and verbal creativity: The role of the right hemisphere. Laterality 17  (5) : 602–614. 13 pp.
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The paper explores the role of the right hemisphere in metaphor processing, particularly in the comprehension of creative metaphors. The experimental part involved 30 participants, whose task was to complete the Hebrew version of the Remote Association Test so that their potential for creativity could be assessed. Next, the respondents’ times of reaction and numbers of errors were calculated during a categorization task. This assignment included four sets of lexical pairs: novel expressions, conventional metaphors, literal words and meaningless combinations. Correspondences between creativity levels of the participants and their processing of the four semantic categories were then established, which confirmed greater activity of the right brain in the comprehension of creative language.