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Eubanks, Philip. 2000. A War of Words in the Discourse of Trade: The Rhetorical Constitution of Metaphor. Carbondale, Ill.: Southern Illinois University Press. 192 pp.


Eubanks focuses on the conceptual metaphor 'Trade Is War'-a metaphor found wherever people discuss business and commerce-to develop his rhetorical model of metaphor. He analyzes 'Trade Is War' as it occurs in the print news media, on television discussion shows, in academic works, in popular nonfiction and novels, in historic economic commentary, and in focus group talk. While these examples do reveal a rich variety in the make-up of 'Trade Is War', much more than mere variety is at stake. (Publisher Book Description) A Conversation among Metaphors Beyond Aristotle's Algebra The Conversation at Large Three (Doubtful) Premises of Metaphor Theory The Story of Metaphor Metaphor, Culture, and Community