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Tse, Chi-Shing and Jeanette Altarriba. 2012. Recognizing the directionality of an arrow affects subsequent judgements of a temporal statement: the role of directionality in spatial metaphors. Psychological Record 62  (3) : 497–506. 10 pp.
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The paper presents the results of an experiment whose aim was to investigate the impact of spatial metaphors, activated by horizontal or vertical arrows, on the respondents’ decisions concerning the nature, i.e. temporal or spatiotemporal, of target domains. The researchers assumed that, since English speakers use horizontal spatial metaphors to talk about time, their classification of temporal target domains would be considerably influenced by cues in the form of horizontal arrows. The assumption proved to be correct for both temporal and spatiotemporal targets. Moreover, it was concluded that both types of target domains were more readily identified if the orientation of the prompt was consistent with the directionality implied by the semantics of the linguistic exponents of the temporal domain.