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Fiumara, Gemma Corradi. 1995. The Metaphorical Process: Connections Between Language and Life. London: Routledge. 196 pp. URL


Table of Contents Connections between language and life An interpersonal approach to metaphoricity Devaluation and employment of metaphors Interactive and representational concerns Metaphor as process The metaphorical matrix of theories The life of language An evolutionary perspective A language for life The limits of a `lifeless' philosophy Language as metabolic process The interdigitation of fields Propositional and non-propositional factors The question of boundaries and links Juvenile and adult cognitive styles Interepistemic links The oppositional metaphor On being right in arguments Agreement and disagreement Controversial zeal The maturation of knowledge Problems of literality The pathology of literalness Cognition and maturity The relationship between digital and analogic styles Notes on the difference between digital and analogic styles Connections between digital and analogic processes Inquiries into discreteness and continuity The interaction between metaphoricity and literalness The heuristic use of metaphors The quest for accuracy Detachment and participation Embodied philosophy A scrutiny of detachment Ways of cognitive participation The awareness of metaphorical projections Metaphorical projections Cognitive propensities Embodied experience The circulation of metaphors The metaphorical function The development of identity Meaning, conversation and play Symbolic play and affectual synergies The generation and use of links Reciprocity and silencing Bodily projections Vicissitudes of self-formation Life and language synergies From biological life to dialogic existence Primal interactions Reception and transmission of metaphors