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Forceville, Charles. 1999. The metaphor "COLIN IS A CHILD" in Ian McEwan's, Harold Pinter's, and Paul Schrader's 'The Comfort of Strangers'. Metaphor and Symbol 14 (3) : 179–198. 20 pp.
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In the cognitivist paradigm, metaphor's conceptual nature is investigated almost exclusively in its verbal manifestations. Research on nonverbal expressions of conceptual metaphors is still surprisingly scarce. Although some pioneering work has been done in the area of pictorial metaphor, the work has hitherto focused on specific instances of isolated metaphors. For better insight into the nature of conceptual metaphors, it is necessary to examine if they can be rendered pictorially and mixed-medially, and if so, what forms they could take. In this case study, a structural metaphor from Ian McEwan's novel 'The Comfort of Strangers' is analyzed and compared to its counterpart in the film that Paul Schrader based on the book. The article ends with suggestions for generalizations across different media, including a distinction between explicitly and implicitly signaled metaphors. (Charles Forceville)