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Forment Fernández, María del Mar. 1998. La fraseología metafórica en la didáctica de segundas lenguas (emparentadas o no con la L1) (Metaphorical phraseology in second language instruction [Related or not to the first language]). Journal of the History of Political Thought 14 (2) : 225–241. 17 pp.
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The importance of teaching phraseology in second-language classrooms is recognized, with focus on Spanish idioms containing body part metaphors. Lists of expressions with 'cabeza' (head), 'memo' (hand), and 'boca/labios/lengua (mouth/lips/tongue) are compiled with English and Greek equivalents. The didactic value of the metaphor in the native- and second-language classroom is stressed. (LLBA 1999, vol. 33, n. 5)