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Genre, Ermanno. 2007. "Sine dilectione... nihil sumus" (Martin Bucero). L'eucaristia alla prova del vincolo di fraternità ["Sine dilectione... nihil sumus" (Martin Bucero). The Eucharist as a test of brotherly love]. Journal of Pragmatics 62 (3-4).
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Genre applies a paradigm which Bucer developed to the famous discussion between Luther and Zwingli in Marburg. According to an idea which Bucer expresses in two letters, Christian brotherly love is a paradigm for theological discussion. Genre believes that the metaphor of brotherly love is not simply a peaceful way out of disagreement, but rather a perspective which allows us to overcome the points of contrast expressed 500 years ago in Marburg and indeed present day theological differences which tend to block communion between churches on the critical question of the Lord's supper. (LLBA, Accession Number 20011370; (c) CSA [2008]. All rights reserved.)