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Gillmayr-Bucher, Susanne. 2004. Body images in the Psalms. Psicologia USP 28 : 301–326. 26 pp. URL


The use of body imagery is one of the Psalter's most obvious literary features, enriching its vivid metaphorical language. Such imagery serves not only to portray body language or emotions-these images are also used to characterize a person or they allow insights into their self-perception. Furthermore, single body parts may be depicted as independent beings, thus allowing the reader of the Psalms to visualize tangled actions or complex thoughts and reflections as vivid body images. This article explores how the body images of the Psalms are used, what literary functions they serve, and which underlying concepts of communication and valuation they reveal. Thus, this study offers detailed insights into the perception and presentation of bodies in the Psalms. (Susanne Gillmayr-Bucher)