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Giora, Rachel. 2001. Models of figurative language. Special issue of Metaphor and Symbol 16 (3-4) URL
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Special issue
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Table of Contents Jason A. Albrecht. 143 Steven Frisson and Martin J. Pickering: Obtaining a Figurative Interpretation of a Word: Support for Underspecification. 149 Orna Peleg, Rachel Giora, and Ofer Fein: Salience and Context Effects: Two Are Better Than One. 173 Albert N. Katz and Todd R. Ferretti: Moment-By-Moment Reading of Proverbs in Literal and Nonliteral Contexts. 193 Dedre Gentner and Brian F. Bowdle: Convention, Form, and Figurative Language Processing. 223 Dan L. Chiappe and John M. Kennedy: Literal Bases for Metaphor and Simile. 249 Sam Glucksberg, Mary R. Newsome, and Yevgeniya Goldvarg: Inhibition of the Literal: Filtering Metaphor-Irrelevant Information During Metaphor Comprehension. 277 Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr.: Evaluating Contemporary Models of Figurative Language Understanding. 317