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Golfam, Arsalan, Ferdos Aghagolzadeh, Aliyeh Kambuziya and Shirin Pourebrahim. 2008. KNOWING IS SEEING metaphor in Qurân: A cognitive approach to the study of religious texts. Research of Chinese Literature 18 (1) : 86–99. 14 pp.
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This paper analyses the metaphorical expressions in one of the translated versions of the Holy Quran containing KNOWING IS SEEING metaphor. The conceptual theory developed by George Lakoff has been used to see how general principles of conceptual metaphor theory apply to the Quran language including the concept of KNOWLEDGE (of God) and to examine image-schematic structures motivating this metaphorical concept. The language of Qurân evidences show that this religious text reflects the abstract meaning of Knowledge of God through mapping certain aspects and traits of visual concepts in the source domain. Containment, path, and force schemas are identified as underlying concepts of this metaphor. (Arsalan Golfam, Ferdos Aghagolzadeh, Aliyeh Kambuziya and Shirin Pourebrahim)