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Gonzalez-Marquez, Monica, Irene Mittelberg, Seana Coulson and Michael J. Spivey. 2006. Methods in Cognitive Linguistics (Human Cognitive Processing 18). Amsterdam: John Benjamins. xxviii, 446 pp.
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Book – monograph
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'Methods in Cognitive Linguistics' is an introduction to empirical methodology for language researchers. Intended as a handbook to exploring the empirical dimension of the theoretical questions raised by Cognitive Linguistics, the volume presents guidelines for employing methods from a variety of intersecting disciplines, laying out different ways of gathering empirical evidence. The book is divided into five sections. Methods and Motivations provides the reader with the preliminary background in scientific methodology and statistics. The sections on Corpus and Discourse Analysis, and Sign Language and Gesture describe different ways of investigating usage data. Behavioral Research describes methods for exploring mental representation, simulation semantics, child language development, and the relationships between space and language, and eye movements and cognition. Lastly, Neural Approaches introduces the reader to ERP research and to the computational modeling of language (Publisher Book Description) Foreword - Leonard Talmy Methods and Motivations - Why Cognitive Linguists Should Care More About Empirical Methods (Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr) - They actually said that? An Introduction to Working with Usage Data Through Discourse and Corpus Analysis (Irene Mittelberg, Thomas Farmer and Linda Waugh) - An Introduction to Experimental Methods for Language Researchers (Monica Gonzalez-Marquez, Raymond B. Becker and James Cutting) - Inferential Statistics in the context of Empirical Cognitive Linguistics (Rafael Núñez) Corpus and Discourse Analysis - Multiple Empirical Paths to a Complex Analysis of Discourse (Linda Waugh, Bonnie Fonseca-Greber, Caroline Vickers and Betil Eröz) - A Case for a Cognitive Corpus Linguistics (Stef Grondelaers, Dirk Geeraerts and Dirk Speelman) Sign Language and Gesture - Empirical Methods in Signed Language Research (Sherman Wilcox and Jill P. Morford) Behavioral Research - Experimental Methods for Studying Language and Space (Laura Carlson and Patrick L. Hill) - Experimental Methods for Simulation Semantics (Benjamin K. Bergen) - Experimental Methods for Studying the Mental Representation of Language (Uri Hasson and Rachel Giora) - Experimental Study of First and Second Language Morphological Processing (Kira Gor) Neural Approaches