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Güneyli, Ahmet and Yeliz Akintuğ. 2012. Metaphors Regarding the Concept of Book (Near East University Case). Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice (ESTP) 12 (3) : 1784–1790. 7 pp. URL
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The aim of this study is to describe the metaphors of the students in the department of Psychological Counseling and Guidance in Near East University about the concepts of a "book" and determine their perceptions. 82 different metaphors were found. The most used metaphors were respectively "Human", "Teacher", "Life" and "Tree". According to content analysis, metaphors were classified in 7 groups and books are shown as "information source", "directive and quiding item", "relaxing and entertaining item", "item for personal improvement", "original and different item" and "item that causes stress". Firstly, the reflection of a book as an information source at the highest percentage (38,77%) might be considered positively but the further researches should be done in order to observe how this finding influences the individual's reading attitudes and habits.