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Grevy, Carlo. 1999. Informationsmotorvejen og andre metaforer i computerfagsprog (Information highways and other metaphors in specialized computer language). Cognitive research of language 23 : 173–201. 29 pp.
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Empirical results of Grevy's PhD project on metaphors in the specialized languages, especially computer language, are discussed. Approximately 3000 metaphors were collected from 'PC Magazine Denmark' (1997/98), of which approximately 500 are highway metaphors. From a critique of George Lakoff and Mark Johnson's 'Metaphors We Live By' (1980), which is assumed to address idealized metaphors and not real metaphors, as an empirical basis, it is argued that essential arguments about how metaphors really work must be concerned with how they are used in restricted areas. The term "integrated metaphors" is introduced as essential to understanding metaphors: metaphors are not isolated from each other, but are integrated with other metaphors in the same semantic field. This is followed by a concrete discussion of the status of Lakoff and Johnson's metaphor theory, focusing on Lakoff's (1992) examination of the metaphors used in the Gulf War. Adapted from the source document. (LLBA 2000, vol. 34, n. 2)