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Gazi, Zehra Altinay, Fahriye Altinay Aksal and Özhan Öztu. 2012. Online Social Networking: A Synergy for Learning. International Online Journal of Educational Sciences 4 (3) : 602–611. 10 pp. URL
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Online communication tools and social networking create an atmosphere of sharing, exchanging ideas and information among people, provide adult learners with motivation for learning, and a guide for further learning experiences. The present research has undertaken a case study approach in order to evaluate the impact of online communication tools on developing social networking. In other words, the present research aimed to investigate the perceptions and experiences of 37 preservice teachers, who were enrolled in a master degree program and actively engaged with social networking through online communication for enhancing productive learning. Thus, self-reports and focus groups were employed as data collection methods. The data were analyzed through thematic analysis regarding themes about social networking, online communication within the frame of social networking wheel, and cultural historical activity theory. The results revealed that online communication tools created an environment of developing socialisation and communication. Networking skills have been found to provide motivation and synergy for learning. (abstract by author)