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Henriksen, J.-O. 2004. Review of Murphy, Tim. 'Nietzsche, Metaphor, Religion'. Albany, N.Y.: State University of New York Press. 2001. SUNY Series in Contemporary Continental Philosophy. 215 pages. ISBN: 0-7914-5088-0. URL


Table of Contents: Acknowledgments Abbreviations Introduction 1. (Re:) Reading Nietzsche on Metaphor and on Religion Nietzsche on Metaphor PART I. METAPHOR AND HERMENEUTICS 2. Nietzsche's Metaphor for Metaphor The Metaphor for Metaphor Übertragung and Language Übertragung and Perception Übertragung and Concepts Catechresis and Identity 3. The Structure of Metaphor Übertragung and Domains Interaction Theory 4. Metaphor, Interpretation, and Narrative: Elements of a Nietzschean Theory of Culture Übertragung and Interpretation Interpretation, Power, and the Agwn Narrative Representation and Historical Identity PART II. METAPHOR AND RELIGION 5. The Religious Body The Priest's Pharmakon 6. The "Retroactive Confiscations" of Judaism The "Retroactive Confiscations" of Judaism The Metaphor Domains in Nietzsche's Rendering of Judaism The Signifier "Jew" in the German Christian Metanarrative of European Modernity The Jews in Nietzsche's Counternarrative of Modern European Identity Contemporary Responses to the Issues of Nietzsche's Alleged Anti-Semitism 7. Nietzsche's Metaphors for Jesus Hermeneutical Prologue Jesus as Myshkin Jesus as Buddha The Physiology of Jesus' Teachings The Metaphor Domains in Nietzsche's Jesus Contemporary Readings of Nietzsche's Jesus 8. Peter, Paul, and Nietzsche: Tracing the Signifier "Christ"through Christian History The Synoptic "Christ" as a Mistranslation of Jesus The Übertragungen of the Apostle Paul Luther as "the Second Paul" and the German Christian Discourse About Christianity The Ironic Emplotment of Christian History 9. Metaphor and the Death of God Metaphor and the Death of God Metalanguage and Metaphor Agonistic Interpretation, Identity, and Religion