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Hernández M., Laura. 2001. La importancia de la filosofía del lenguaje de Ludwig Wittgenstein para la lingüística del cambio de siglo (The importance of Ludwig Wittgenstein's language philosophy for linguistics at the turn of the century). 13 pp.
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The presence of Wittgensteinian influence is reviewed in linguistic theories of the 20th century in order to show the importance that his philosophy of language has exerted on the theoretical debates of linguistics. One can observe in this reexamination how there has been an incorrect interpretation of his proposals, to the extent that he has even been considered a behaviorist. In his approach to metaphor and the poetics of ordinary language, his vision of language seems to be an important milestone (Lakoff and Johnson, 1986; Friedrich, 1986; and Sornig, 1981). The second part of the article focuses on proposing what is called here a new linguistic "parallax" that would consist of looking for the links between grammar, or knowledge of language and pragmatics, in the opposite sense of the dominant tendency of 20th-century linguistics. We turn to slang as an instrument of analysis that permits establishing such a bridge. (LLBA 2003, vol. 37, n. 4)