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Marín-Arrese, Juana I. 1996. To die, to sleep a contrastive study of metaphors for death and dying in English and Spanish. Language Sciences 18 (1-2) : 37–52. 16 pp.
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Human capacity to conceptualize and reason appears to be essentially a question of both human experience (perceptions, cultural practices, motor activity) and imagination (metaphor, metonymy, mental imagery) (Lakoff, G. & M. Johnson, 1980; Johnson, M., 1987; Lakoff, G., 1987; Lakoff, G.,1994). This paper aims to reveal the existence of a coherent conceptual organization underlying the use of the various expressions for death and dying, which derives from our bodily and social experience. It also aims to contrast the use of these expressions in English and Spanish in order to reveal the parallels in conceptual terms between both languages. (Juana I. Marin-Arrese)