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Otal Campo, José Luis. 2000. On high-level conceptual structure and discourse. The University of Chicago Law Review 14 : 325–336. 12 pp.


This paper examines the importance of high-level conceptual structure in dealing with some aspects of discourse coherence. More specifically, it centres on the analysis of the "plans & goals" schema, as understood by Schank & Abelson (1977). This schema has shown to possess an important metaphoric (GOALS ARE DESTINATIONS) and metonymic (PART OF AN EVENT FOR THE WHOLE EVENT) component. In this connection, the role of these two cognitive constructs in discourse organisation is also examined. In conclusion, it is observed that high-level metaphoric and metonymic operations are needed in our everyday processing of texts, which include goal-oriented situations such as some types of illocutionary scenario. (Olga Isabel Díez Velasco and Francisco Ruiz de Mendoza)