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Fuertes Olivera, Pedro. 2012. English metaphorical terms in dictionary articles: A case study in the field of business economics. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca. 9 pp.
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Book – conference proceedings
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Although lexicographers are aware of the recurrence of metaphor in political and economic discourse they do not warn dictionary users about its crucial role in shaping political and economic ideology. To illustrate this point, the author discusses the lexicographical treatment of three economic terms, viz. harm, recovery, and hot money, in a free internet business dictionary called These three metaphorical terms were used in the magazine The Economist in connection with the negotiations about Ireland’s bailout. The term harm which refers to financial detriment or loss can be framed either positively or negatively depending on the journalist’s political affiliation. Thus, a socialist partisan will focus on the immediate negative effects of the bailout (e.g. reduction of public spending) whereas a conservative will highlight the future benefits of this economic decision. The author recommends lexicographers to link dictionary terms to external texts or videos explaining these ideological meanings.