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Isomursu, Pekka, Rachel Hinman, Minna Isomursu and Mirjana Spasojeviæ. 2007. Metaphors for the mobile Internet. 10 pp.
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This paper examines a set of metaphors for describing, understanding and characterising the Mobile Internet. The metaphors are a result of extensive user studies in the US, Hong Kong and Europe in the late 2006 and early 2007. In these studies, we explored the user experience related to the Mobile Internet through in-depth contextual interviews with over 40 users, including a group in the US, which was deprived of their standard Internet PC access for several days. Our analysis of the collected data resulted in six metaphors that can be used as powerful creative tools in designing Mobile Internet applications. (Pekka Isomursu, Rachel Hinman, Minna Isomursu and Mirjana Spasojeviæ)