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Byros, Vasili. 2012. Unearthing the Past: Theory and Archaeology in Robert Gjerdingen's Music in the Galant Style. Music Analysis 31 (1) : 112–124. 13 pp.
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This article reviews Robert O. Gjerdingen's Music in the Galant Style. Byros briefly discusses the 'filo' (thread) metaphor, as it emerges from Chapter 27 of Gjerdingen's work ("Il Filo: A Poco Adagio by Joseph Haydn"). The title derives from Leopold Mozart's well-known definition of good technical composition as the practice of placing things in a suitable order ('il filo'). Gjerdingen revisits the concept as a metaphor for good composition, but also for listening, arguing that 'il filo' may also refer to a cognitive thread of mental schemata that guide the listener in his/her relationship with a musical work. Byros observes that the 'filo' metaphor opens up new possibilities for research into the influence of schemata on the listener's tonal and form-functional orientations.