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Jindo, Job Y. 2010. Biblical metaphor reconsidered: A cognitive approach to poetic metaphor in biblical prophecy. New York. URL
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Ph.D dissertation
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In this dissertation, we will use recent studies in cognitive linguistics and poetics to develop an exegetical approach to biblical metaphors. The aim of this approach is to offer the possibility of treating the phenomenon of poetic metaphor in biblical prophecy not only as a stylistic component, but also as a constituent element of the poetic reality that the text represents. In this dissertation, we will first review the scholarship on metaphor in general and biblical metaphor in particular (introduction). We will then introduce the cognitive account of metaphor, both conventional and poetic (ch. 1). We will especially explore how metaphor functions as a creative component, and thereby identify the exegetical presuppositions that underpin the treatment of metaphors as conceptual constructs. In turn, we will apply this approach to the analysis of metaphors in the Book of Jeremiah (chs. 2-4). (Job Jindo) (LLBA, (c) CSA [2007]. All rights reserved.)