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Jurado, Francisco García. 2003. Le metafore di 'parlare' in latino (Metaphors of 'speaking' in Latin) In Gaeta, Livio and Silvia Luraghi. Introduzione alla linguistica cognitiva. Roma: Carocci. pp. 147–157. 11 pp.
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Roma: Carocci


Jurado's investigation of metaphors coding manner of speaking (e.g. 'loqui sordide' (to speak obscurely)) reveals a sharp contrast between the specificity of some expressions and the general nature of those cognitive schemas that serve as their basis, such as the conceptual metaphor UP IS GOOD, DOWN IS BAD. Despite sharing identical cognitive schemas, metaphorical expressions for speaking are realised quite differently. For example, the Plautine phrase 'os frigefactare' (to say stupid things) is linked to the schema WARM IS GOOD, COLD IS BAD (i.e. 'to say stupid things is to cool one's mouth'). But whereas the former did not survive, the latter resurfaced when 'frigidus' came to be used in rhetoric (as in 'orator frigidus' (clumsy orator)). Other expressions did not disappear after Plautus but exhibit meaning changes and, especially, come to be employed in different contexts. (Cristiano Broccias)