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Bozdemir, Hafife and Muge Uluman. 2012. Primary School Teacher Freshmen’ Metaphoric Perceptions in Relation to University Concept. Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 46 : 1032–1036. 5 pp.
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In this research, it has been aimed to reveal primary school teacher the freshmen’ perceptions relation to university concept by means of metaphors. This research has been planned within the framework of the qualitative research approach. The research has been done by 104 students in total, 73 of them are females and 31 of them are males, who have education at Faculty of Education Department of Primary School Teaching. in Kastamonu University. With the aim of revealing primary school teacher the freshmen’ metaphoric perceptions relation to university concept, the data collected by the form in which the sentence: university “is like ….; because ….” takes place has been analysed by descriptive analysis. In total, 57 notable metaphors have been produced a relation to classroom teaching the freshmen’ university concept. These metaphors have been examined under 8 categories.