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Khatena, Joe and Nelly Khatena. 1990. Metaphor motifs and creative imagination in art. Bakhtiniana: Revista de Estudos do Discurso 5 (1) : 21–34. 14 pp.
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Mental imagery is placed in the context of a creative imagination model composed of individual, environmental, and cosmic components. Information input from the environment is transmitted as figural images and coded in language forms, both serving as content for metaphor and analogy. The creative process involving "metaphor analogy" and mental activity of a growth nature precipitates things to become connected with one another for operations of increasing complexity and order that bring about figural and language transformations. Such activity, inherent in acts of discovery and invention, has been translated into various training programs that facilitate creative thought. Metaphor analogy and transforming antecedents of synthesis, destructuring, and restructuring process content of all kinds and can be applied to artistic composition of nature motifs derived from the ideal archetypal spiral. (Joe Khatena and Nelly Khatena)