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Cortés de los Ríos, Mª Enriqueta, Isabel de la Cruz Cabanillas and Cristina Tejedor Martínez. 2010. La metáfora en el lenguaje informático. Madrid: UNED, D.L.2007. 7 pp.
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Book – conference proceedings
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Drawing on previous studies by Jacobs (1999) and Posteguillo (2002), this paper examines the metaphorical mappings used in computer magazines, such as Network Magazine and PC Plus. The authors agree with Meyer’s (2002: LA10) claim according to which “one reason why computer words are so user-friendly is that many are metaphors”. The most frequent metaphors found in the corpus are as follows: COMPUTERS ARE PEOPLE (e.g. Your PC communicates with other systems on the internet), COMPUTER COMPANIES ARE PEOPLE (e.g. The software industry is still in its infancy), COMPUTER WORK IS OFFICE WORK (e.g. we send files to the recycle bin or we use folders for filing items), INTERNET IS AN OCEAN (e.g. Do you care about your security online? Surf safely?), and INTERNET IS A HIGHWAY (e.g. Netscape has too many crashes).