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Koller, Veronika. 2006. Review of Hiraga, Masako K., 'Metaphor and Iconicity: A Cognitive Approach to Analysing Texts'. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. 2005. ISBN: 1403933456, 256 pages. Cognitive Linguistics 17 (4) : 574–580. URL


'Metaphor and Iconicity' attempts to clarify the interplay of metaphor and iconicity in the creation and interpretation of spoken and written texts from a cognitive perspective. There are various degrees in which metaphor and iconicity manifest themselves, ranging from sound symbolism and parallelism in poetic discourse to word order, inflectional forms, and other grammatical structures in ordinary discourse. The book makes unique contributions to the study of the relationship of form and meaning. (Publisher Book Description)