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Kopp, Sheldon. 1989. Guru: Metaphors from a Psychotherapist. Palo Alto, Calif.: Science & Behavior Books. 180 pp.
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Book – monograph
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I was recommended to read this book by someone who described it merely, as a book that helped her find meaning in her life, when she was searching for it. I read it with some hesitation, what with its controversial title and all, and was pleasantly surprised by the depth of its content. Kopp draws on a wide range of literary classics to illustrate his views on life. This allows for the material to be more palatable to the reader, and for the literary buffs out there, more accessible. It is a book that can best be described as pensive, and those that I have recommended it to feel the same way. A much better read than many of the other so-called "bestsellers" about life and how to face the challenges that come about. I am surprised that it has not yet already established itself as one of the classics in the realm not only of literature, but psychotherapy as well. For that it what it is, a timeless classic. (Review by [email protected] from Singapore)