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Christiansen, Thomas. 2009. The creation of evolution: science and religion in the discourse of Charles Darwin. 24 pp.
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Bern: Peter Lang International Academic Publishers


The chapter examines Charles Darwin’s discourse to see how far the lexis he uses and the schemata around which his discourse is constructed reflect a religious or scientific approach to the matters that he discusses. This is a topic ripe for investigation in view of what Darwin and his works have come to symbolise for those scholars, like notably Richard Dawkins,1 who argue that religion and science are incompatible. Their targets are both creationists and more generally those people who still see religious faith as more reliable than scientific evidence. With reference to conceptual schemata, the author resorts to Langacker’s (1999: 29) analysis of subject and object and applies it to structures illustrating religious and scientific descriptions of the origin of humankind.