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Wee, Lionel. 2007. Construction grammar and English language teaching. Indonesian Journal of English Language Teaching 3 (1) : 20–32. 13 pp.
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Post-communicative language teaching has advocated the “return” of grammar in second language pedagogy. Foreign language students need a focus on form of some sort during their learning path, being a focus on communication alone not sufficient for everyday language use. The author of this paper sees construction grammar as a fertile field in which a conspicuous number of language teaching practices can be grounded. The article focuses on English idioms and fixed formulae used for business communicative purposes in different workplaces and shows how, by banking on construction grammar, these language features can be successfully taught. The author of this article maintains that such an approach to grammar can better suit students’ real needs as it can provide learners with cognitively and usage-based grounded explanations of the real functioning of language.