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Labahn, Antje. 2006. Fire from above: Metaphors and images of God's actions in Lamentations 2.1-9. Psicologia USP 31 (2) : 239–256. 18 pp.


The five laments of Lamentations contain many metaphors. Most of them contain human elements or parts related to an earthy scene. However, in Lam. 2.1-10 the actions of God are described metaphorically. The metaphors and images of God focus on fire sent from above, kindled by God and paralleled by his anger. This article takes a closer look at the various impressions raised in the text in order to gain a deeper insight into the meaning of the highly undetermined impressions. Therefore, the targets kindled by fire are analyzed and linked to God's actions. Theological aspects of how to understand God's anger in the context of Lamentations are also included. (Antje Labahn)